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The Phaung Daw Oo Health Promoting Program (PHPP) has been in co-operation with the Burnet Institute since 2004. The program was started in 2004 October for only school based program for HIV/AIDS prevention. At that time, PHPP targeted for G-IX students and cover for HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and life skill knowledge. After three years have been implemented for school based program, project has expanded for Home Based Care Program which is targeted for Patyeingyi Township mainly attached with Phaung Daw Oo clinic for treatment program. This program targeted for People Living with HIV/AIDS. Hence, after 2 years later which mean they have well experiences on doing Home Based Care and clinical care we, our program started to try for ART from 3D Fund Round-3. Together they have been implementing as A Partnership Approach with "Burnet Institute" (INGO) for the Care & Support project (including providing ART treatment) with finance from the Three Diseases Funding. 
As current condition, PHPP is now implementing for Home Based Care, Treatment and clinical care services to people living with HIV/AIDS. As additional program from Home Based Care, we also implement as Psychosocial Support Activities for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Otherwise,  For Adolescence reproductive health program is now stopped for one year and no more funding support from organization. Therefore, program staff decided to stop for one year and they will try next year for students based program for "Adolescence Reproductive Health"
However, to see previous activities for students based program they have been trained “180” peer educators from G-IX who have already got skills on knowledge (HIV/AIDS, STI and life skills for their life)



Peer Education training (For Adolescence Reproductive Health)