The Bridging Program was initially established in 2010 as a voluntary program for PDO staff to provide supplementary education in the social sciences and English.  In 2013, the program was formalized with the hiring of teachers – both locally trained and long-term volunteer teachers from abroad – and a more comprehensive and formalized curriculum.


The eight-month program (January - August) is now targeted towards post-secondary and university students.  The program provides basic introductory classes in social sciences along with an intensive English program using the Cambridge English teaching methods designed to assist students in taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).  This program includes “B-Talk” a regular English conversation program that discusses topics of current interest. Through the Bridging Program, students learn to apply their critical thinking skills, encourage their academic and social curiosity, improve their self-confidence, and grow their community-building abilities. 


Program Director: Nannmyint Shwebo



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