The Non-Formal Education Program provides basic reading, writing, and life skills to disadvantaged children who are unable to participate in PDO’s normal education programs.


At present, there are 248 students with 10 teachers. Most of the students are from very poor families in rural areas where there are no schools or where difficult situations such civil war or the aftermath of natural disasters make it difficult for children to receive an education.  These students include children from the Wa, Larhu, Shan, Palaung, Kachin, Kayin, Akhar and Paoh regions.   The diversity of their primary languages, lack of formal academic experience (and age)  makes it difficult for them to succeed in the mainstream programs.  In addition, many students from civil war areas also suffer from psychometric and cultural problems.


Students in the NFE program attend classes in the library, hallways and other less than optimal areas due to a classroom shortage at PDO. 


Program Manager: U Nandasiri

Tel:  09449153050 and  09775855581



















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