Grade 6 & 7 students from NTTC program.Grade 6 & 7 students from NTTC program.

Volunteer at Phaung Daw Oo 

If you would like to start the application process to become a volunteer, please click here. After submitting the application, one of our staff will contact you for additional information like a CV, résumé, and background check to ensure you will be a good fit for the school. This application does not guarantee you a position at the school.


The Volunteer Program was founded in 2013.  We are always looking for experienced teachers and native or fluent English speaking volunteers who are flexible, able to work professionally, and are willing to participate in a low resource environment.


We are constantly trying to upgrade our teaching methodology and to enhance the English language proficiency of our teachers and students. At the same time, we hope that the Volunteer Program can establish new contacts and wider networks in order to provide increased for higher education for our students and their teachers.


Over 170 volunteers have participated in PDO volunteer programs since 2013. Foreign volunteers primarily assist the Academic Department, our library and health clinic, music and sport programs.  Others participate in our vocational training programs such as carpentry, computer training, tailoring, while others assist in providing technical services for our infrastructure such as water supply, electric system, and physical plant.


One of our longtime volunteers, Richard, helping two novice monksOne of our longtime volunteers, Richard, helping two novice monks

PDO recognizes that every volunteer has a unique skill set that he/she can contribute to the community, and we will do our best to facilitate your contribution. However, as we operate in a limited resource environment, we ask that potential volunteers consider first and foremost how you can meet PDO’s needs, and how you might be able to best serve.  For teaching positions, we request a minimum commitment of two months to provide continuity for our students.


We have received some support money from Australian donors, led by the generosity of Peter and Robyn Worland, with which we are able to help support a coordinator and staff to promote and manage our volunteer programs.  We are able to provide simple accommodation and lunch, and arrange local transportation.


We hope that you will consider volunteering at PDO.  It is an experience of a lifetime.


Coordinator:            Myat Mon Thu